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Living Free: Overcoming Sin

There are few things more demoralising and disruptive to our relationship with God than habitual sin. We try so hard to stop our destructive behaviours, but nothing seems to change. But what if you could be free? Not just more disciplined, but so free that you’re not even tempted by the things you currently feel powerless to resist. That’s the freedom that is available to us in Jesus.

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Living Free: Resolving Unresolved Wounds

When our bodies are injured, most of us know what we need to do to resolve the injury, or we go to a doctor. But when we encounter disappointments or difficulties in life and our souls are injured — we don’t know how to handle it. As a result, many are living with unresolved wounds in our souls which affect our lives and limit our freedom far more than we realize. But how do you resolve unresolved wounds?

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