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Dealing with offense

The second greatest commandment, as given by Jesus, is to love your neighbour as yourself. It sounds so simple, but in practice, it is difficult to live out fully - even with the people closest to you. So often offense gets in the way, and the longer we focus on how we're feeling the worse the situation gets, but perhaps there is a way to shift our focus which makes loving and forgiving others become second nature.

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The Foolishness of the Cross

As we draw near to Easter, we reflect on the unexpected scene of the Savior who suffered and died on a Roman cross. Even Jesus' closest followers thought it was the moment of ultimate defeat, no one understood that it was actually the moment of ultimate victory — when sin is defeated and the barrier between us and God removed. That’s why, as Paul said, 'we preach Christ crucified’.

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Why Church?

We live in an age where we have everything at our fingertips. We can access the best sermons and the best worship music right from the comfort of our own home, and the trend of our culture is showing that church is becoming less of a priority in our lives, but if we are to take our spiritual life seriously then we need to be rooted in the church.

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